Drill Point Grinding Machine

Allcut machine takes care of every aspect of drill point grinding. A precision point is a point with perfect geometry perfect points means drill which produce more holes which truly round, accurately on centre, and with a high surface finish that is what new allcut will give every time.

Caring for your drill with ALLCUT DRILL POINT GRINDING MACHINE, in the correct manner will not only extend the life of your drill of your drill and drill bits, but also prevent unwanted damage to you, your drill and the surface you are drilling into.

WEB THINKING and extra grinding wheel is incorporates for point thinking and this operation is performed immediately after point grinding and without removing the drill thereby ensuring perfect accuracy.

Specification Drill Point Grinding Machine
Point angle of drills 118' / 135'
Range of Grinding Drills 5mm To 40mm
RPM Of Wheel 2800
Motor 3Phase 440V AC
Stroke of Grinding Wheel Longitudinal 50mm
Stroke of Grinding Wheel Transversal 50mm
Grinding Wheel 200mm x 25mm
Web Thinking Wheel 200mm x 10mm